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Floor Sweeping Machine with battery

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Manual Floor Sweeper combines an elegant design with powerful performance. It has two sets of spiral roller brushes, the 1300r/min high-speed main brush uses V-shaped bristles, and two side brushes sweep the garbage on both sides of the sweeper to the middle, and then the main brush breaks into the trash can. The long design of the side brush can be cleaned in all directions. The matching thick environmental protection non-woven fabric comes with electrostatic powder, which is resistant to friction and does not carry debris. It effectively absorbs fine dust and debris from the bristles. 2000mAh large capacity battery, can be used for 2 hours after charging. 350ml large-capacity dust box, fully sealed design, when you need to clear the garbage, you can open the cover with one button. The main panel has an opening key that can be turned on with a light tap.

Main Features:
– Intensive short brush for environmental cleaning
– V-sharp 1300r/min high-speed main brush
– Long design of the side brush
– Electrostatic mop
– 2000mAh large capacity battery
– Slim thickness for easy cleaning
– Fully sealed dust box
– Foot pedal switch
– One button open

Pakage List :
1 X Pole assembly (4 ports totally)
1 X Sweeper Machine
1 X USB-C Charger
1 X Scraper
30 X Original non-woven fabric
1 X Instruction manual

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