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Duka LS-P Laser Range Finder grey

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CHF 39.00
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Duka LS-P Laser Range Finder grey

CHF 39.00

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This Laser Rangefinder has won 2019 the German iF Design Award, with it’s light weight only 28g, high pre-cision, One button to get. It brings you a new experience to do the reparing.

Brand ATuMan (DUKA)
Model LS-1
Material Aluminum alloy
Product type Portable laser rangefinder
Measurement unit m(meter), ft(foot), in(inch)
Measurement accuracy ± 2mm
Operating temperature 0℃-40℃
Storage temperature -20℃-60℃
Battery 180mAh/About 3,000 times
Measuring range 0.03-40m
Laser type Class2.620~670nm,<1mw
Charging method DC 5V <0.2A

– Small volume, measures distance, area and volume accurately, quickly and conveniently.
– Wide measuring range 40M with a high accuracy up to ±2mm, accurate and efficient.
– 180mAh large capacity battery /About 3,000 times
– Switchable among meter (m), inch (in), feet (ft), convenient to read the measuring results.
– Light to 28g, handheld design makes it portable and lightweight to take for measuring.
– Large LCD with backlight, help to see the date clearly in low-light conditions.
– Widely used in interior decoration, indoor design, construction field.
Package included
1x LS-1 Laser Rangefinder

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