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Bebird Replacement Tips for Smart Ear Cleaner R1 / R3 / T15 / X3 / D3 Pro

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The Bebird Replacement Tips Kit is compatible with the Bebird Smart Ear Cleaner Models R1, R3, T15, X3 and D3 Pro.

BEBIRD ORIGINAL ACCESSORIES – This product is the original Bebird accessory.

SLEEK & ERGONOMICS DESIGN – The ear spoons are neither hard nor soft, and have a suitable tilt angle, which can easily remove ear wax and avoid damage to the ear canal.

PREMIUM QUALITY – The ear spoons are made of Medical Bio-grade PC Material.

Package Includes

1x Metal & Silicone Wrapped Ear Spoon
2x Metal & Silicone Wrapped Ear Spoon Cover
3x Small Size Q-elastic Ear Spoon
3x Large Size Q-elastic Ear Spoon

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