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CATLINK UFO Tag Set for Smart Feeder (2 Cat Collars and 2 UFO Tags)

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The CATLINK UFO Tag Set includes 2 Cat Collars and 2 UFO Tags. The Cat Collar works together with the integrated UFO Tag and the ONE Pet Smart Feeder to provide your cats exclusive access to the feeder. The Tag uses the build-in microchip to recognize each cat and assure that every specific cat gets the right amount of allocated food. It is the ideal item to monitor and automatically feed your cat the right food at the right time.

Benefits and Features:

▪  Multi-cat detection by UFO tags allows specific/preferred feeding amounts for each cat.
▪  Works together with electronic collar and smart feeder device. (The multi-cat detection feature works only with the CATLINK ONE Pet Smart Feeder for multiple cats)
▪  The UFO tag tracks data about your pet’s eating habits.
▪  Automated way of feeding your cat especially for those pet parents who are always on the go.

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