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PETKIT Filter 3.0 for Eversweet 3 / 5 Mini / Wireless / Solo / Solo 2 Pet Water Fountain 5-Pack white

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The Filter Unit 3.0 is suitable for the PETKIT Eversweet 2, Eversweet 2S, Eversweet 3, Eversweet Wireless, Eversweet 5 Mini, Eversweet Solo and Eversweet Solo 2 (Wireless) Pet Water Fountain.


•  Material adopts porous weak acid ion exchange resin and large-diameter coconut shell activated carbon
•  The filter material is increased by 150% on the basis of the second generation
•  It can eliminate harmful chemicals in unfiltered water
•  Drinking clean water can help your pet prevent urinary system diseases

*The recommended replacement period is 30-60 days, and the specific indicator light of the filter element of the water dispenser shall prevail


(1) Before installing the filter element, please put the filter element in the water to fully soak and clean.   (It is recommended to soak 2 times, 5 minutes each time and rinse lightly)

(2) Working temperature: 0°C-50°C; Working pressure: normal pressure
(3) After replacing the filter element, the state of the filter element of the drinking machine needs to be reset

•  PETKIT Eversweet Wireless / Eversweet 5 Mini / Eversweet Solo 2 (Wireless): After changing the filter, reset the filter status using the App.•
•  PETKIT Eversweet 2 / Eversweet 2S / Eversweet 3 / Eversweet Solo: After changing the filter, reset the filter status using the button panel on the main device. Long press the button for 5 seconds, the red light goes out, and the reset is successful.

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