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Amiro 6.5″ Mini HD Daylight Makeup Mirror white

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CHF 69.00
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Amiro 6.5″ Mini HD Daylight Makeup Mirror white

CHF 69.00

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AMIRO Rechargable LED Daylight Cosmetic Makeup Mirror Adjustable Countertop 60 Degree Rotating Mirror Features: 1. 3 kinds of light intensity: adapt to different times, capture the details of skin and make-up. 2. 95% of the sun’s similarity, with a color power comparable to natural light. 3. Accurately restore rosy, true skin and makeup colors on skin tone and red color. 4. 2000 mAh large battery, 1 charge, for 1 week using. 5. Brightness is 3 times that of traditional LED mirrors. 6.0-60° mirror adjustable, the shaft passes the 80,000 opening and closing fatigue test. 7. Round structure base can store cosmetics.

AMIRO Mini series is a 6.5-inch OLED table mirror powered by mobile phone screen backlight technology. The lighted mirror means users can apply makeup with consistent lighting for both indoor and outdoor environments. The device also provides even illumination across the whole face, even visual dead angles. OLED does not use blue light technology so it is much safer for a user’s eyes. The designers drew inspiration from an Asian Zen concept. Every shape, structure and CMF is necessary but not redundant, which minimizes product cost and price and makes this cutting-edge technology available to anyone. Also the base of the mirror works as a saucer for collecting items and saving table space.

  • Ultra high light source
  • Perfect for travel:could be folded down into a convenient travel case
  • Truly achieve the effect of no color difference in makeup
  • Three gears of brightness
  • Charge 3hours,use 7-10days (30mins every day for make up)
  • Certification: FCC, CE, IEC, EMF, PSE, KC, SAA, BSI
  • Input voltage: DC5V-1A
  • Battery:2000mAh
  • Color Temperature Index:4610K



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