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Mi Computer Glasses black

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CHF 29.00
SKU: PN101534

Mi Computer Glasses black

CHF 29.00

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Do you suffer from pains in the eyes and headaches from a long time viewing the screen? Exposure to harmful blue radiation from mobile phones, tablets, computers, televisions and modern indoor LED lights disrupts your sleep and causes permanent eye damage. The TS glasses with protection against blue radiation use high-tech nanometer blocks that provide protection from blue to 35 percent, which protect your sleep and health.

– Advanced nanometer lens technology, 35 percent blue beam blocking, which also ensures the safe passage of visible light.
– Blue-ray and UV400 that relieve eye fatigue and improve color resolution
– Simple style, ultra-light and ergonomic earbuds, no extra load on your ears and nose
– Self-adaptive nose pad suitable for various face shapes
– Material: PC lens, PEI frame, silicone nose pad.
– Specially designed for those who use digital products for a long time.

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