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Mi Light Detection Sensor zu Mi Smart Sensor Set

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CHF 15.00
SKU: PN101854

Mi Light Detection Sensor zu Mi Smart Sensor Set

CHF 15.00

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Create the ultimate lighting in your home

With the Mi Light Detection Sensor, it’s easier than ever to create the ultimate lighting at home. With the help of the sensor, you can measure the amount of light in your home and also see how the light has looked over time. Connect all your smart lights and control when you want them to be switched off or on depending on how bright it is indoors.

Smart functions and easy installation

Mi Light Detection Sensor can be controlled with your mobile phone via the Mi Home App. By using the Mi Home app, you can see what the light level looks like in your home and customize your lighting – wherever you are.

If the sensor is also connected to, for example, a smart lamp, you can decide for yourself when it should be switched on – for example when it starts to get dark and the light level drops below a certain level. You can also choose between modes such as Day and Night, or create your own smart mode via the Mi Home app.

Flexible and light design

To simplify your everyday life, the Mi Light Detection Sensor comes in a flexible and lightweight design, which means you can have it anywhere – on a shelf or on a wall.

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